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Riteway was started in the 1970’s by Mr. Herb Roberts.  Mr. Roberts was formally with Bush Manufacturing Company in Trussville, AL.  In the 1980’s Mr. Roberts purchased a branch of Bush Green Tree in Eugene, Oregon.

The Oregon location remained Bush Green Tree and was open until the mid 1990’s. The Oregon location helped us establish our West Coast family. Mr. Fred Wentz, was our long time sales representative and helped us build our family of friends, customers and distributors that we have today!


Meet the owners, From left  Elton Endsley, Owner/V.P. Far Right, Louie Thompson, Owner/Pres. And middle, Preston Griffith Owner/ Pres. United Bolt Co. 

Riteway International prides itself on quality and service.   Louie Thompson, Owner/President, has been with Riteway since 1985.  

He learned business from the ground up and helped make it what it is today, and with all of our  distributors and customer’s help, we are still going strong! . 

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